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Lady Corinne
iain and gaynor macalister
Sun 9 Aug 2009 14:33
Sailing feels so good and Tristan and I were treated to the most spectacular sunset and shortly after that the most amazingly crimson full. moon climbing into the sky to produce such a beautiful night sail under a canopy of stars with full canvas aloft.    Sorry,in case you're wondering,  Gaynor is still with us after being "caught" she just made the mistake of taking the first off watch after cooking us all a delightful meal of gnocci & beanfeast!.   We're doing 2 hour watches at night starting @ 20.00 but as Tristan is only able to use his skills as a "dish pig" at the moment it means Gaynor and I are just passing each other in the dark as she gets out of the bunk for her stint and I turn in (It's called hot bunking and sounds like lots of fun!) probably sounds hard but isn't too bad as you only have to be up for 2 hours then at 8.00am we go to 3 on &  3 off.   Not sure how good Tristan will be at watches as we won't be able to tell if he's awake - he actually sleeps with his eyes open - quite disconcerting.   It looks as though we're heading into a high and the sun is out and the skies have cleared, we are currently screaming along at 5 Knots (that is about walking speed) but it's nice to be moving after 2 hours of being becalmed at 7 this morning. There were so many fishing boats out there last night I really don't know why Tristan hasn't even had a nibble.  We are all well & all the gear seems to be OK without any shortage of power on what was our 1st night of sailing without any use of the engine - thanks to Jenny Wren for hanging out at the back of the boat and generating power.  We spend the first couple  of hours each day trying to think of exciting new ways to use up our supply of lovely fresh eggs and have decided that when we get bored of hide and seek we're going to have an egg and spoon race.  Who knows it might just be the start of the Lady C Pentathalon.  Best wishes to all of you as we glide accross the Western Approaches on our aquatic Run to the Sun xxx

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