Lady Corinne
iain and gaynor macalister
Wed 5 Aug 2009 15:03
Back on the water feels good after such a long time & so much work!   Leaving Chichester was pretty lumpy with wind over tide at the bar and we were taking quite a lot of waves over the bow.    Gaynor went below to check the forecabin and  found that the anchor chain seal had moved and water was coming in all over our bags which we'd put up there,she got them moved out with Tristan's help but not before they were both feeling pretty grim, and a little soggy.Just out of the harbour when we had set sail we were hailed on the VHF by Angel Clipper - Olly was onboard and after a chat they took off at what seemed like warp speed towards Cherbourg. After an uneventful sail through the Solent we decided to call in at Cowes and see Zara so we picked up a mooring on the Folly inn jetty and went down to Cowes to meet her for a drink with Steve and Sara.   Cowes was full of life with Cowes week in full swing.  we set off at 7 this morning and expected to see Zara at the needles as she had managed to get a place on Pindar for the open 60's round the island race and was going to be doing the onboard filming - Zara I don't think I ever realised just how tough your job really is.   On our way down to the needles we noticed that the Autohelm compass was reading about 60 degrees more than both the ship and the GPS compasses so we decided to swing it - this involves turning the boat round and round in circles, we did this for quite a few revolutions and must have made an interesting spectacle of ourselves to anyone watching before realising that someone who should have known better,namely me ,had stowed a large metal case containig a power tool,in the locker behind the bulkhead where the fluxgate compass for the self steering is fitted causing the compass to misread.  Lucky I spotted it or who knows where we might have ended up.  We are currently motorsailing at 8 knots towards Portland bill and the weather seems to be improving, Tristan has the biggest fishing lure I've ever seen and has been hanging off the back of the boat for ages, I don't know what he expects to catch but I,m guessing if it comes it's going to be BIG.  We are all well and enjoying the adventure, thanks so much to everyone who helped get things ready in particular Derek and Vicky without whose carpentry skills and cake making capabilities we would be a lot shabbier and hungrier.   The Duogen has been put to good use in both wind and towed modes and I can't praise it enough and the same applies to your work Rob, thank you for doing all you did to produce such a good bracket system - I realise that I ran off without paying you for the last fix but I promise I'm coming back.   I'm sure there must be something I should be doing so I'll bid you all a fond farewell - Thanks for all your kind messages and wishes for the trip they were really touching - 'till next time this is Lady C Out.