46:36.24N 009:04.12W

Lady Corinne
iain and gaynor macalister
Wed 12 Aug 2009 13:45
Its now been 4 days since we left the coast of England  and I  am really missing all the little luxuries I took for granted like a shower (specially Uncle Iain) and even a toilet bowl set in solid ground for me to throw up in as it has been rough on the sea the past few days and sea sickness had got the better of me but it has cleared up nicely now and the sea has calmed and the sun has been trying to make an appearance from behind the clouds its so beautiful out here everywhere you look there is an unbelievable view the sun and moon rising and setting they create a picture so amazing words cant describe. Uncle Iain and Auntie  Gaynor have let me  start night shifts with them now so we all get a little more sleep through the night now and i love every moment I'm on them... there is so much time to think out here I have thought of so many things I want to do yet I don't think a lifetime will be enough time to achieve them all!! We got some special visitors last night just before dark when a pod of dolphins came to play at the bow of the boat they are such gracious  creatures they move through the water so playfully turning on their bellies and play fighting with each other, we had nearly lost hope that we would get to see any after spending hours everyday tapping the side of the boat hoping they would come to play so this little visit was the perfect way to end the day followed by one of Auntie Gaynors amazing suppers she manages to create out here I don't know how she does it I can hardly stand up and she can do the salsa, juggle unboiled eggs and cook something that can make my tastebuds melt all at the same time!!!! Anyhow back to our sail we have had the cruising chute up all night and the wind is right behind us pushing us right to the canarys well if u can call it a wind its sitting at 5 knots and we're hardly moving  averaging a speed of 3 knots its better that it has been except the day I was sick and spent it down in the saloon missing all the action!!!! Uncle Iain has knocked us up a tasty smelling feed for lunch so that's my call for duty............. 
Till Next time  all the best

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