52:06.883N 7:09.472W

Mon 8 Jun 2009 12:12
yesterday we decided that we would not get to Dunmore East before nightfall, so instead we went into the Historic Port of Youghall (pronounced Yawl)

We tied up to a jetty and had a stroll around the town and a good look at a small museum. It used tobe an important port, but now is a little run down.

This morning we departed at 5am to try again to get eastwards. Yet again the wind is directly on the nose so progress is slow. The wind started at ENE 5. However, there are signs that it might veer to the E. Lets hope so. At our present rate, if we keep going, we might arrive at Kilmore Quay,at about 8pm. That would be 15 hours hard on the wind. It certainly isn't proving easy getting home!!