12:04.894N 61:45.695W

Sun 15 Feb 2009 23:23

Last Monday Blue Tarn was lifted out of the water at Tyrrell Bay by the Haul Out Company. She had all the barnacles removed, a good sand down and two coats of tropical antifouling applied before being launched again yesterday (Saturday). The yard were great and Edwin (or was it Irwin ..... it seemed to change on a daily basis) worked really hard to produce a good outcome. However, the yard was very hot and dusty with horrible toilet facilities, so we were pleased to get back in the water again. We spent the rest of the day tidying up and then went ashore for a typical West Indian meal at the Bayside Restaurant.

This morning we left Carriacou and set sail for Grenada. Unusually, the day has been grey and overcast with occasional rain. The temperature plummetted to 85deg F !! En route we passed 3 large whales with one calf. They were just lolling about on the surface. We think they were about 20m long. We arrived and dropped anchor just south of Moliniere Point.

The snorkeling here is supposed to be good, but it was dark and grey when I went in and so there was very little colour to be seen. Perhaps it will be better in the morning.