23:31.971N 20:35.784W

Thu 27 Nov 2008 12:08
Abit more breeze today.

We are firmly established into our routine which seems to consist of eating and sleeping.
0900 Breakfast
(Cereal, Fruit juice, Tea/coffee, & vitamin pill)
1100 Morning coffee
(+ chocoate biscuit)
1300 Lunch
(Fresh baked Bread and cheese, apple + delicious home made chutney)
1530 Afternoon Tea
(+ a piece of Irish tea Loaf... a great piece of home baking that travels really well)
1730 Sundowner
(Just one measure of gin + tonic)
1800 Dinner
(Last night we had Chicken Curry + Rice + ChickPeas, plus a jelly with fruit)

Its a good job that the boat sails itself!