Back in St lucia

Thu 29 Jan 2009 19:28
Tony and I are back onboard BlueTarn, after a tremendous month at home. Flying back out here on a BA Boeing 777 we realised that every 15 minutes we were covering the same distance we averaged in 24 hours to sail here!
When we got out of the taxi at the marina at Rodney Bay after a scenic 11/2 hour journey the length of the island, we were met by a very smart chap smoking a large cigar who introduced himself as follows..."Hi, welcome to St Lucia, my name is Bugs Bunny and I'm the mayor of this place". We knew we were back. He almost certainly was'nt Bugs Bunny but he could well have been the mayor, we mumbled something like "pleased to meet you" when in hindsight we should have exchanged high 5's and said "How' ya doing Bugs, good to see you".
The boat is just as we left her, we have been steadily getting all the bits of string etc back in position, shopping and generally getting ready to explore every bit of land that sticks up out of the water within 500 miles of here. We set off in 2 days time south along the coast of St. Lucia, then to St.Vincent, the Grenadines and Grenada.
We will keep you posted. M.