34:55.622N 51:00.993W

Tue 12 May 2009 15:15
We are bowling along making great progress. In the last 24hrs we covered 141 miles and have1081m to go. We should pass the half way point in the next 36hrs.

Wind SW 5-6. Bright and sunny

We are noticing the cooler temperatures. We are both wearing fleeces and long trousers. The bread takes longer to rise and the laundry needs 2 days to dry.

We saw 3 ships overnight. I wonder why we don't see anything during the daytime?

We spend a lot of our time reading. We had quite a library to begin with, but in the BVI's we were berthed next to an American boat that was packing up for the hurricane season. They gave us quite a pile of books, so we won't run out of reading matter.