Figueira da Foz + Wildlife

Thu 23 Oct 2008 17:39
This morning Mike serviced the engine while Tony went shopping. We then got the laundry done using our twin tub washing machine - 2 buckets! After lunch we finally got the wind generator wired up and working. It means that we will not have to use the engine for charging nearly as much as before. The laundry was soon dry in the sunshine.
Tomorrow we continue southwards heading towards Nazare.

On our trip down we have seen countless dolphins. They come in small groups, play for a while diving under the bow of the boat and then disappear again. We think that we can hear them squeeking to each other through the hull.
There are fewer seabirds than we are used to at home. There are a few gannets and some smaller gulls which might be related to terns.
The marinas are teeming with fish. Each yacht has 20 or so large fish swimming under it. Judging by the number of men out with their fishing rods there must be plenty of fish about.
We were warned about mosquitos, so we came prepared with a net purchased from ikea. So far we have only had to drape the netting over thehatch on still nights.T