18:30.027N 64:21.613W

Wed 15 Apr 2009 13:30
St Martin, Anguilla,Virgin Gourda (British Virgin Islands)
Made passage for St Martin, stopping briefy at Isle de Fourchue.
Arrived Marigot Bay (French St Martin) at 1630 in time for sundowners. Being Easter weekend a gospel preacher was in town and despite being anchored off we could hear every word plus the French Translation of 3.5 hour sermon!!
Next morning went ashore but holiday w/e meant most shops were closed much to the boys delight.
In the late pm we moved through the raised bridge  to the lagoon. Enjoyed a lovely pm ashore ashore in marina and had a delicious meal at a waters edge restaurant.  Made a bright and early start to refuel, top up water and then sailed to Anguilla.
Arrived in Anguilla, Road Bay where we had to check in to customs. This involved writing out our details 5 times without carbon paper! Went for a walk along the beach to expat Roy's bar and restaurant and had a welcome cold drink and chat with Roy. The locals were busy preparing their Anguillan built boats for a sailing regatta due to be held on the next day..
Next morning, had a stop at Little Bay. Locals fished and we swam. After lunch onto tropical paradise - Sandy Island. A real Robinson Crusoe Island. White sand, three palm trees and a beach hut serving cocktails. M and M tried "High Tide" - Turquoise Blue and potent! The boys were by tempted by a "shipwreck" (8 measures of rum) but decided to play safe with a simple rum punch. Weaved back to boat through a coral reef, had an early meal and sailed overnight to Virgin Gourda in the Virgin Islands (14 hours)
M and M