14:27.988N 60:52.376W

Thu 12 Mar 2009 00:00
Le Marin, Martinique
We crossed over from St. Lucia yesterday. Just as we were approaching land the French Customs zoomed up in a fast rib and ordered us to follow them into a bay . When we got there, they told us to anchor because they wanted to search the boat. It was all a little concerning with these armed douanes crawling all over the boat. Of course, they hardly spoke much English and we very little French. By the time they went on their way, it was getting dark and we decided that the tricky entry into Le Marin was best left to the morning.
Today we motored in and anchored in the bay.
Martinique is part of Europe and is prosperous compared to the other islands we have seen. However, the French here are revolting. Or at least they are blockading the port until Monsieur Sarkozy gives them some more money. As a result, all the shelves in the shops are bare and there is very little to be bought. Its a good job that we stocked up before we came.
We did manage to buy a baguette for lunch but had to make do with mousetrap cheese instead of some nice Camembert. Oh well... C'est la vie!!