17:08.853N 62:37.820W Barbuda and Nevis

Fri 3 Apr 2009 01:19

Left Antigua from Green Island ( Nonsuch Bay) and headed North to Barbuda. The boys arranged the weather conditions to give us a taste of their Atlantic crossing - quite fresh !!

After a passage of 6 hours we sighted Barbuda - WOW!! Trruly a tropical paradise. Aquamarine water, white sands stretching for miles and noone on the beach. Just some footprints.

Next morning we went ashore to visit Codrington. We had arranged to meet George our guide and boatman. We crossed the sandbar and met George. He took us at high speed across the lagoon (48hp). The lagoon was 2 miles by 7. After dealing with Customs and Immigration George took us to the Frigate Bird Sanctuary. These birds have a 6ft wingspan and travel miles to fish, but never land on the water.

We returned to the boat and that evening witnessed a superb sunset.

Today we made an early start heading for Nevis, a passage of 10 hours - our longest to date in beautiful conditions. Arrived in time for our Rum Punch sundowners. M and M