50:37.059N 12:17.881W

Wed 3 Jun 2009 11:30
We sailed 141m in the last 24 hrs but our heading hasbeen slowly detiorating as the wind has backed to its present ENE 4.

Yesterday a fluffy, bedragled brown bird flew straight down the hatch and landed on the bookcase. When it looked down it saw Michael lying on the bunk below looking up at it. This was too much for the wee bird so it flew forward into the forecabin. There it stayed for about 30 seconds before flying out of the boat. About a minute later it returned and landed on the rail. I went below to get a crust of bread and my camera, but it flew off.

The day before about half a dozen swifts came up to the boat. Theywere obviously looking to hitch a ride, but at the time there was a lot of spray flying about and they thought better of it.

I thought that the bird migrations would be over by now. Perhaps these birds were off course because of the strange wind direction.

This is Bill Oddie signing off........