51:50.472N 007:51.444W

Sun 7 Jun 2009 09:21
10.20hrs 07.06.09
We finally arrived at Baltimore at 7pm Thursday, tied up alongside a fishing boat at the pier and then dived into the pub for a meal. It was great to get on dry land again.

After a good nights sleep, we had a pleasant day relaxing and departed Baltimore at 6am Saturday to head east towards te SE corner of Ireland. At first,the wind was N4 and we made good progress, but by the time we got to Kinsale the wind had veered to NE and strengthened to Force 6 gusting 8. At that point we decided to head into Crosshaven where we were pleased to pick up a mooring in the gusty wind and pouring rain.

This morning we departed at 7pm. This time the headwinds are lighter (NNE 4) and we will see how far we can get along the coast before nightfall. At the moment we have Dunmore East in our sights, but it depends on the wind.

The boat now has a spring in her step. We have emptied our emergency water containers into the main tank and have used up quite a lot of diesel fuel since leaving Horta. We have also begun to run down our food supplies. As a result, the boat is somewhat lighter!