Mariehamn to anchorage at Fennhamn, 59deg 28.6min N 18deg 48.44min E

Colin & Belinda Laidlaw
Wed 6 Aug 2014 06:57
Winds today unable to match the perfect conditions of yesterday, but still had a good trip to the idyllic anchorage.
Travelling in the archipelago of islands ( and rocks! ) is fascinating.
They say the area is the land of a 1000 islands, and that is true, however it is also the sea of 1/2 million rocks many just below the water,
some of which are uncharted in the “off piste” waters. Initially it is unnerving to be sailing or motoring so close to rocks.
However, the charts have preferred  routes marked and the channel markers are good.
We have now seen several Ospreys flying above and in their nests.
One nest was on the top of a channel marker by a busy shipping lane. They seemed unconcerned about the boat traffic.
The rocks are generally quite smooth due to the glaciers that covered the area in the last ice age.
Although there is no tide in these waters, Tomas explained the “tide mark” on the nearby rocks as being caused by atmospheric pressure changes.
The local marine weather forecasts note anticipated changes in charted depths.
In the evening we had a surprise visit from Tomas and his family. We had first met him on the last ARC trip in St Lucia.
He had been following us on AIS tracking and they sailed over from his home in Stockholm.
He came bearing local delicacies ! We had fish row with onion on home made bread, and smoked Elk heart ! Wow or should we say Moo ?
Later they took us ashore for a bar-b-q, wine and beer.
They were the perfect hosts in a perfect Swedish anchorage. Many thanks.
Off to bed around midnight in preparation for a 06:00 start next morning.