Last night (hopefully) in Ronne.

Colin & Belinda Laidlaw
Fri 11 Jul 2014 19:29
Yesterday spent a lovely day seeing some of Bornholm on a bus tour.
Stopped at several small harbours. Lunch at Allinge on the sea front. A smorgasbord of pickled fish of all types.
Followed by ice cream in Gudhjem, and a beer in Svaneka’s own brewery.
Mmmmmmm.... “Svaneka classic” a smooth beer, could have drunk more than one !
At least one of us then slept on the return trip. Slight snoring was heard.
Today, as on previous days, the strong wind has our attention.
We now see a break in its strength and hope to leave for Visby tomorrow (Saturday) morning.
Colin’s been busy about the boat – topping up the fuel tank and washing the cockpit.
Then went on to wash down the fore cabin bed via a hatch that left slightly open ! Dry now.
We have walked into the town of Ronne several times now.
Interesting town with many brightly painted houses reminiscent of a smaller village, while the centre is much more like a busy town.   
An early night now, in preparation for a prompt start tomorrow.
Cheers to all from Alloro
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