Kokar to Mariehamn, 59deg 53.6N 22deg 42.7E;

Colin & Belinda Laidlaw
Wed 6 Aug 2014 06:17
Had a beautiful sail, the wind was perfect and the tight course through narrow channels. Challenging but enjoyable.
On the final approach to Mariehamn we had a close encounter with one of the many ferries in the area.
In a narrow channel, he passed on our portside with very little room to spare.
We could have painted his hull if he’d passed us a pot of paint !
Once tied up in the marina, we enjoyed trips ashore.
A visit to the sailing ship Pommern was very interesting. It was a four masted square rigger that had been preserved as a museum.
It was the last working sailing ship that carried cargo around the world. Its last voyage was in about 1937, before steam took over.
Interestingly, the Pommern was built in Glasgow and most likely from steel from a Scottish plate mill.
The showers and sauna were excellent. That sounds a simple comment until you realise what several days in strong sun and +30 degrees C without a shower is like !
Before we left, there was a “sundowner” drinks session on the pontoon. A good chance to talk with the many new people joining the boats.
The evening was completed with a shared meal of eggs, bacon, and salmon with boat Nemo.