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Colin & Belinda Laidlaw
Sat 5 Jul 2014 10:39
We have spent the last few day getting everything ready for our fresh crew and the off on Monday.
Yes “Spare Rations” (Keith) has now arrived but as we have such short passages around the Baltic I’m sure his services wont be required. High hopes.
Today was spent dressing Alloro with her Ebay dress flags, I should have gone to specsavers as the picture shows.
             Arc Boats                                                                                                                         Alloro
Then we caught the local ferry across the bay with a view to see a German U-Boat (U995).  It was very interesting and impressive wandering around the sub, looking at the engineering and her diesel engines with electric motors. The accommodation was very sparse with some bunks in the torpedo room and just past the engine room.  It had only 2 heads one for crew and other for officers but no showers, and the galley was smaller than on Alloro. For such a large sub the inside was very small and compact.
m_DSC_0422m_DSC_0433m_DSC_0450 U995 – in Laboe, Keil