54:51.100N 12:27.993E

Colin & Belinda Laidlaw
Sat 16 Aug 2014 08:50

Kalmar. We arrived in the marina and picked up a stern bouy. It was a very old town steeped in the Swedish history. We had an impromptu drinks party on Alloro and Nemo which ended up on North Star with everyone bringing some food and more drink. Everyone left to organise the food with discussions on the VHF radio (channel 64) between ourselves and North Star, that was until the coastguard had enough of us discussing the amount of pasta we were going to cook. They informed us that this was an emergency channel and could we get off the air! Another very good evening was had.

Alloro needed her starbourd light rewelding as it had broken off in some of the high sees we had gone through.
Hans From Working on a Dream (lead boat) gave us a lecture on the Vikings and ther history.
To give him some support one of our crew sat wearing a viking helmet and wielding a sword (albeit plastic and only 10" long). The effort was appreciated.
It was a very interesting presentation about the Vikings and their lasting influence.