54:18.420N 009:40.280E

Colin & Belinda Laidlaw
Sun 29 Jun 2014 08:33
After 6 hours of motoring along the Kiel Canal, often having to hog the bank as some very large cargo ships overtook us, we reached Rendsburg. We dont know much about the place other than it appears to be a big dockyard 40 miles inland, and has an operational transporter bridge – yet more obstacles to avoid.
m_DSC_0317        A ferry crossing point....... we hope! 
Some close encounters of the shipping kind..
We berthed Alloro in a traditional box berth and headed off to the nearest (only) bar/restaurant. Alls well with the world when you have a large German beer and a plate of Weiner Wurst on the table.
We shall stay here for a couple of nights before heading towards Kiel-Holtenau and making our way to the Marina for the start of the rally. It does seem as though we are having our own mini rally though as we are in convoy with 3 other Arc B boats