Colin & Belinda Laidlaw
Mon 4 Aug 2014 15:35

> Wednesday, arrived in Helsinki after a fast passage. Going off piste, hopping from buoy to buoy shaved two and a half miles. Helsinki is in stark contrast to St Petersburg. Here we have a quiet island marina with good facilities close by and the city centre a mere 10 minute walk away. The on-board washing machine had plenty of use throughout the remainder of the morning and soon the decks were suitably adorned with clothes, bed sheets and the like. When it was all done, dried and stowed we hopped onto the ferry to the city and had a wander round the quayside market and town. The rally dinner held in the yacht club was excellent and a far dryer occasion than the previous one. The evening ended in good company, several bottles of wine from various sources (including Georgia) and super hot spicy Pringles.
> Thursday, a hop-on hop-off bus tour of Helsinki. Highlights of this were the Sibelius monument (almost abstract), the rock church and the Olympic stadium. Hopped-off in town for a coffee and to pickup additional charts. Picked up provisions for the next leg to Kokar, tried some dried reindeer and horse then took the ferry back to Alloro to wait out the incoming rain (the first for around two weeks). Rally BBQ tonight. This will be exciting if the rain and accompanying thunder and lightening persist.