Beauty of belgium cont'd

Colin & Belinda Laidlaw
Sat 30 Aug 2014 20:30

We have been in Ostend for 3 days and it certainly has been an eye-opener. Everything is within easy reach and it has a great atmosphere. We took a train into Bruges yesterday, which was great, with skipper enjoying a waffle loaded with strawberries, cream and chocolate sauce for his breakfast, followed (very) shortly afterwards with lunch of pizza and the local beer. Belgium is typically very under-rated and well worth a visit. We had a great meal out tonight in a very small restaurant incidentally called De Yot, but the food was way better than anything this galley can produce. We are planning to leave tomorrow but expecting a lumpy exit as we head out into wnw's before we can turn southwards through the Dover Straights. We are looking forward to crossing the TSS, just cant agree on where at the moment! We are hoping to reach Falmouth Tuesday, if we haven't succumbed to exhaustion before then, in which case we will get to Boulogne! The ultimate aim is to get to Milford by the weekend.