13:51.71N 56:36.08W

Thu 7 Dec 2023 02:57
We are heading to Barbados!

Ok we aren't stopping there but that seems to be where we are heading at the moment. We are running down wind slower than we would like as there is no kites. It seems the closer you get the longer it all takes! We are looking to jibe once in line and head back for St Lucia! we have bets on as follows:

Jack 4pm Thursday

Nick 5pm Thursday

Steve 6pm Thursday

Chris 9pm Thursday

Darren 10:30pm Thusday

At the speed we feel we are going at it is prob more likely the early hours but there is a 24 hr bar full of sailors that have not seen a shower in three weeks using the alcohol to stop them swaying on land!

Its just gone shandy oclock but beer supplies are still strong. The B and G plotter though looks drunk the way it wobbles all over the place on the screen and the boat, as we are running down wind, is rocking left right left right constantly but its only one more day ish!