14'48;5430N 39'97;4500W

Thu 30 Nov 2023 15:22
Day 12 - Avast Ye Landlovers.

It is the darsterly and fearsome crew of the Pirate Ship Hotsuff here and I have Good News!!!!!!!!!

We the crew have obtained our level one pirate badge (yay I hear you cry). To achieve such dizzing heights, we had to pass the following modules:

Sweaty - smashed it, Obnoxious - smashed it, Sweary (not me mum) - smashed it, and down right horrible. We can now call ourselves 'Puppy Pirates', but dont let this fool you.....we are proper scum!

So level two includes 'raping and pillaging', now this does cause a moral dilemma (and the chance of inprisonment). So, we have decided upon 'peeping' and 'knock door run' (ive only got flip flops so undoubtedly I will get caught). We feel this will honour the pirate cause without being banged up or flogged! I will update you when we get to call ourselves apprentice pirates.

Level three includes mutiny, and the plan is to do this an hour before we fly (dont tell Steve). Then onto full Piratehood!!!!!

While we are on the subject, whats a Pirates favourite letter - RRRRRR. What happens if you take the Pee out of a Pirate - he becomes irate!!!!

Anyway, I wouild like to wish my daughter Olivia (Dib Dobs) a wonderful 23rd birthday and wish Ian a speedy recovery.

Right well I have to go and eat a leg of some meat and drink from a flaggon (well in our case, tomato soup and a part baked roll!). Have a wonderfully Piratey day all!