14:54.92N 53:43.38W

Tue 5 Dec 2023 16:22
It is with great sadness we said goodby to the pink lady today. The kite was flying well and doing us proud when BANG the head tore straight down the edge and into the water! All hands on deck and managed to recover her on deck and loaded her into her launch bag for the last time this trip. Who knows maybe she might fly again with ... well quite a bit of cosmetic work really.

So Kite 2,  up came the spare untested kite. It lasted for a couple of hours and whilst sweltering trying to doze in the main cabin... BANG... All hands up again and the second kite gone at the head and managed to letter box the remaims through the main and down. Packed next to her sister ready for an assement today.

So Kite 3... Oh bugger we have run out of them now. Back to white sails for now and pressing hard for the finish line. We havent lost a lot of speed to be fair just two kites

On the plus side. Had a shandy and some nibbles to toast the sails and continuing on. For those that are interested. Nick was helming for the first one and Darren the second. However that is purely luck as I suspect they were going to go at some point! and they didnt go over night!