Nearly ready

Wed 15 Nov 2023 19:20
28:07.64n 15:25.50w

So we are getting there with the boat. Cleaned though bow to stern and re located the non essentials. Steve was chasing around after Jack and Darren saving bits from the bin!
Lots of wiring is now in order although it appears the stereo might have had better days after it got wet on the journey down here. Some exciting cables to now sort tomorow. Sat comms are up and running and emails to the boat account come in and out even over satellite !
So tomorrow is ordering stores and getting the food loaded ready for Sunday.

JPEG image

This is , or rather was a relay. Think I know why the instruments failed!

JPEG image

Morning run as the sun came up to try and do something before exercise becomes problematic !

JPEG image

A lot of boats ready to go. From us at 40feet (nearly) to some massive Oysters and cats with crew.


Chris Loynes