14:49.39N 38:46.69W

Thu 30 Nov 2023 12:29
We eem to be making progress though the fleet at the moment and were up to 75 overall which isnt too bad at all.

Flying at speed takes its toll though and even Nick (Beardy hat face) sucummbed and slept through his watch yesterday morining.

Now in a previous blog I might have mentioned that some of the instruments were not quite playing ball. We still have enough and were sailing at night with the kite and compass bearing when needed. Well last night the compass light grew brighter and then... Pop. No light. A temp fix was tried with an LED torch. This in principle was a great idea other than the large magnet on its back to stick it to a metal surface. So lights off again. The plus side to this is that when the moon comes up there is plenty of light to see the sails and sail just by those. It is safe to say Darren has really mastered the art of flying the kite now (other than nearly been flung off my seat as I type).

Jack was really happy he made social media with our flying fish quandry, who knows where he will go next!

Steve has been inventive. He had a squeeky bit of wood in his cabin last night and couldnt find the WD40 to rectify this however he did find some suncrean and that seems to have solved it. Who knew suncream worked so well as a lubricant!

Off to test the circuit for the compass next and then work out if we can bypass the hot water tank so it doesnt add an small radiator under Nicks bunk. Just what you need in 35 degree heat!