18:55.71N 24:45.05W

Sat 25 Nov 2023 09:00
Made some good progress last night running down wind which looks good on the chart. Especially if you dont plot too often! An inch is quite a long way on this chart. The Mk3 engine start system is working well . Cable runs off the relay electrnics box to a heavy guage wire attached to a bolt and then wrapped in inssulation tape to give a handle. This goes onto the starter contact to get her running and then cable tied out the way to avoid accidental shorts. Mk4 is being worked on if we can scavange or make a switch up which would be nice.

First fish landed aboard but not by Jack (still to try). Flying fish in the dark landed in the cockpit flapping around in the dark making Darren jump

Onwards SW for the next 24-36 hrs and hopefully straight into the trade winds and fully West here we come!