Sat 7 Oct 2023 07:31
48°17.56N, 4°53.30W. Dash in for fuel near Brest. We are using approx twice as much fuel as expected at 6 litres an hour.
So far, we have motor-sailed the whole way from the solent, out of the Needles, to Gurnsey and now here. The wind has been in the nose much if the time (F3 to 4 SW), but the sea state has been pretty kind. It's certainly been quite flat since Gurnsey. We hope for, and expect, fast reaching across Biscay, but don't want to take the chance of running low on fuel for this last 300 odd mile leg. Full tanks (150 lts) plus the reserve strapped to the guard rails (70 lts) gives 37 hours of motoring so is not enough to cover the whole distance anyway...

Look out Brest here we come.

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