18:40.93720N 24:57.8340W

Sat 25 Nov 2023 11:52
Captins*log; Stardate 251123 {have always wanted to say that}

We continue to explore this strange new world. I thought the natives were friendly until I was sat having a brew in the cockpit yesterday evening, when all of a sudden I was 'butted' by a flying fish who has now been named by Jack as 'flymo'! Without warning it hit me, square in the temple - it then took a few minutes to work out what was making all the noise. Scotty {Chris] and Bones {Nick} did their best to rescue Flymo, but after being fished out from under the wheel, he looked a tad worse for wear.....fingers crossed he made it. {there's always one in Star Trek that takes a hit}

So the theme onboard for the last few days has been 'whack a mole' - for the uninitiated it is a game where a mole pops up from several holes and the idea is to hit him with a hammer. Firstly, let me set the scene;

Its 30 degrees plus, there are no shower facilities, the temperature inside the boat is biblical and the bilges are dirty.....so

The normal amoungst us could ignore a slight delay between instruments, especially under these circumstances and the fact that it doesnt matter much, however Scotty is a tad deranged. We sit on the boat guessing which port hole, sea locker or bilge he is going to spring from. He's like a boat ferret, forever on the move and popping up from everywhere. No one has hit him with a hammer yet, but we are only on our second week!

We are hoping to turn west within the next 24hrs, this will see us run a more direct route to St Lucia.

Big shout out to Charlie and anyone tracking our progress at Croften School

Live long and propser!

*Im not the Captain, however if the other 4 fall over board, the I would be......just saying!!