15:07.07N 32:40.200W

Tue 28 Nov 2023 14:19
Last night was a mixture. We overtook a boat over night that we could see and there were lulls in the weather meaning we were slower than we would like until aroun 0400 when the wind shifted and blew up almost 40 degrees and 20 knots. We flew for some time on this which was fantastic. We also passed what we think was a fishing vessel working too.

I finished watch at 8am and wend down below to get the engine running. The engine started as normal and so I moved onto the water maker, which, as we were now back stuck in light airs was running well and we were not getting any airlocks in the system. Then came the engine alarm! OVER HEAT. We are running at tick over to so its not working hard so there has to be a problem somewhere. Opening up the engine cover and you could smell the heat and evaporated coolant.

Blocked inlet or impeller are always favorites although this time no one of the engine coolant hoses had split by a jubilee clip and was spewing steam and coolant. Luckily a relitivly easy fix and assisted by able seaman Jack the hose was cut back and refitted whilst jack checked the impeller for any missing blades and we topped up the sea strainer.

Re start went well and seems the repair held. So the water maker was run againa and in the light airs filled the tanks again before we started the march to the West. We have miles to eat up!

We have a shift pattern change tonight to mix things up a bit.

I have added a picture of the new ignition system. Touch bolt A to nut B and stand back :) and Darren of course on the helm. He wasnt protesting about the music choice at all.


JPEG image

JPEG image