22:16.8400N 21:06.3710W

Thu 23 Nov 2023 10:13
Day 5 in the big brother house - Jack remains excitable despite the lack of sleep. However after a good 6hrs, who knows what to expect {i'm sure Jack and Steves 'small' Gin and tonics help!}. Chris continues to 'fix stuff' and the general consensus is that he walks the boat at night damaging equipment to occupy him during the day. Top trimmer Nick is making the most of the wind {not Chris's} and gives commands which to the layman {me} may as well be in Dutch....Clew? Guy?. Steve continues to conduct this rabble with skill and poise {hes especially happy this morning as we have 2 yachts on the horizon and he is in full race mode!}. I just sit contemplating my recent life choices, why am I here? How was I talked into this? What side is port and starboard?:-}

All is good and we are hoping to make ground with an expected increase in wind speed.

Big up the Willis's

I'm a celebrity, GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!