17:65.55S, 176:18.35E

Tue 24 Aug 2010 03:58
24th August 2010 1700hrs local time
Ray and Janet left this morning at 0600hrs local time for the airport, then Vanuatu - the wind looked too unreliable for us to arrive before 1630 on Friday. Audrey arrived on Saturday so we have 3 on board now instead of 5 - plenty of room!
We departed the Vuda Point Marina at 0700hrs. To our very pleasant surprise we have had some reasonable wind and have been getting some good miles under our keel. If we can just keep ahead of the light weather there is a chance of spending the weekend in Port Vila town rather than on anchor at the quarantine buoy waiting to check in on Monday. A big "If" looking at the GRIB files.
On another bright note we caught our first fish since the otherside of Niue - a 3' long barracuda - should be tasty for the next day or so. We bought cryovac meat in Fiji, so it was almost certain we would get a fish!
Distance to Port Vila 474NM