16:45.30S, 152:21.40W

Fri 30 Jul 2010 23:45
Friday July 30th 1700hrs local time (1100hrs Saturday UTC)
We left Bora Bora at midday. The morning was spent visiting the Gendarmerie, and the bank to check out of French Polynesia and get back my bond - in cash - Aust dollars.( I can now spend up big time when I get to Australia). More supplies from the supermarket - the last baguettes we will have for a while. Filled the yacht with fuel - unable to get at duty free price because the official who checked us out of Papeete told us we had all the forms required and this was clearly not so. He was amost unpleasant person at the time!  Would have saved xpf43/litre, which over 217litres adds up (AUD118). So far we have used 257L of fuel for the trip. We probably now have enough fuel to get back to Perth!