35:18.05N 052:08.70W Tuesday 21 April

Excellence of Dart
Peter Coxon
Tue 21 Apr 2015 17:43

Quieter but colder night as we continue to head roughly ENE

More dolphin playing today but no fishies on the line yet

We are having to motor sail as we have our first gentle head wind this afternoon.

We are also heading east to avoid a spot where a yacht reported seeing the bottom with a wreck on it a few years ago! That’s a bit spooky in the middle of the ocean...

Pasta pesto last night which was warming

Took to wearing full thermal gear and foul weather gear to keep out the chill northerly breeze last night.

Today the sea is blue and the sky6/8 blue as well

We are on the edge of a high to the south and should have gentle breezes for another day before maybe the next low trundles through. We are planning to keep to the edge of that if we can to keep the winds below F7.

Touch wood the boat is handling everything well and taking wind and waves in her stride. The crew are gradually getting used to life aboard, with bouts of reading , dozing, some washing up and showering and the next meal may even be cooked by Tony, fingers crossed. One thing I am enjoying is having so much time to read an dwe have a few good absorbing books to get our teeth into

Talking of which it must be lunchtime. We put the clocks forward last night so are now only 3 hrs behind bst


All well

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