27:15.29N 069:51.20W Saturday 11 April

Excellence of Dart
Peter Coxon
Sat 11 Apr 2015 21:15

Continuing to make really good progress. The wind has eased and veered a little so we are still mostly maintaining speeds of 6- 7+K. The last leg from the Bahamas we have done 346M in 48 hrs = 7.2K average or 173M /day which is heartening.

Another uplifting moment was when I discovered the source of the strange burning smell ( never good on a boat!) It was an electrical connection from the solar panels which was shorting and melting the connector and plastic covering on the wires. At least that was all it was and now it is fixed there are no more worrying smells. I have even showered so I knew I wasn’t the culprit...

Two small flying fish on board last night but too small to eat- may be for bait later if we slow down enough to be able to fish. At these speeds we will not run out of fresh food so ‘that is a good thing’ as Adrian Mole used to say. Somewhat worrying that I still use phrases from an ‘autobiography’ that was about a boy aged 13 and three quarters.

When you are that age the ¾ means a lot. When I became older the ½” became important after the 5’10”. Now I have learned that I have lost that ½”! where the hell did it go? I don’t remember leaving it anywhere or having the top half inch sliced off my head or my feet... If anyone finds that missing half inch of my body let me know. May be keep it on ice till I get back

I recognise that too much time alone does weird things to your mind and i have heard of people losing their head but a ½”, surely not.

Guess what the sun continues to shine and keep me warm in the day despite the breeze but I managed a few hours in my bed last night and felt cold enough to need a cover. What is it going to like back in the UK?

Another good thing- the sea generator is also  doing a good job so we have plenty of power- I need to cj=heck it and clean it of the Sargasso sea weed that we were plagued with on the east going crossing and we are bound for that area of sea so may come across more of it again- we had great areas of weed last time, like orange clouds on the sea’s face. At the moment there are just small clumps so long may that continue.


Just approaching 1300 so time for the 24 hr log and then some light lunch. What to have? May be pop down the shops and get some...ah may be not.


All well on today’s tranquil deep blue sea

I see no ships. 8.2K in 12 K of wind... wey hey!