Monday 8th Dec 16:35.10N 028:49.9W

Excellence of Dart
Peter Coxon
Mon 8 Dec 2014 20:43

23 hours of motoring in calm seas so delighted when a gentle breeze kicked in and at last we are sailing again- 6K in 6K of breeze- that is so good and only because we have international racing skipper and sail trimmer Professor Neil Harper on board.

We had a pod of 10  pan tropical spotted dolphin with us so the video will be available when we are on land.

Also a young gannet followed us for an hour or so , some 200 miles from land. He flew gently around then dived to catch and devour his flying fish for an early lunch.

So it is Gannet 1 Excellence 0 in the fish competition


A storm petrel from the Cape Verde isles flew around us so he won’t get home for tea


We are 11% of the way across as at 1700hrs with less than 1800M to go

We are actually half way on the Gib- Cape Verde – Barbados trip


Steve retains his chief chef position so we have had to post an official chef rotor from tomorrow.


We had ‘The Psychiatrist’ pete and dud sketch today followed by

Michael Morpurgo’s  ‘Alone on a wide wide sea’

We are not alone- we overtook a fellow pond crosser today so other people are out here as well as the wild life.

And some of the people are quite wild- you should have seen Steve- was he exercising or practising his daddy dancing on deck?

That’s all folks