Friday 10th April 28:48.54N 071:26.12W

Excellence of Dart
Peter Coxon
Sat 11 Apr 2015 16:06

Lunchtime 10th April

Cruising at 8.3 K on a reach under blue skies, so making excellent progress towards Bermuda

Yesterday we sailed our hoped for daily run of 150M in 21 hrs and clocked up 170 in 24 hrs which is a record for this year at least.

Actually managed to lie down in my bed for 3 hrs this morning as the wind has eased and the crew can be trusted to keep on track.

Have just started reading ‘Wild Swans’ which in an engrossing story of China in the 20th C. I’d recommend it and think that Georgie has already swallowed it up ( to keep the bird theme going)

The sea seems empty round here but last night I saw 4 ships all at the same time- like London buses. So that kept me focussed and alert for an hour or so. Two kept changing direction so they had to be fishing boats which are difficult to judge in terms of their intensions.

If we keep these speeds up we shall be into Bermuda early so next thoughts are what ave speeds required to get into harbour in daylight- too early to worry but something to give me mathematical calculations as each day unfolds.

Lunchtime beckons, no fishing at present at these speeds so chicken is the order of the day but not jerk chicken which seems to be the only meat on offer in so many of the street cafes in Jamaica and other Caribbean islands.


All well