30:30.82N 066:48.74W 0700 Monday 13th April

Excellence of Dart
Peter Coxon
Mon 13 Apr 2015 11:00

Came on watch at 0130 to feel a rising head wind, which is annoying.

Yesterday we motored all day long in flat calm deep blue waters

Now we have F6 on the nose- 24-27K from the NE... and its cold!

This wind which wasn’t forecast 3 days ago must be coming from a long way north to have this nip in it. Its a reminder that even at only 30 degrees north with the damp it can feel cold at night. I shall have to hunt out some socks soon J

I cat napped through the night rehearsing Sea Fever and the words seem more apt today than they have for a few years on board Excellence


I must go down to the seas again

To the lonely sea and the sky

And all I need is a tall ship and a start to steer her by

And the wheel’s kick and the wind’s song and the white sails shaking

And a grey mist on the sea’s face

And a grey dawn breaking


I must go down to the seas again to the call of the running tide

Is a wild call and a clear call that cannot be denied

And all i ask is a windy day with the white clouds flying

And the flung spume and the blown spray and the seagulls crying


I must go down to the seas again

To the vagrant gypsy life

To the whale’s way and the gull’s way

Where the wind’s like a wetted knife

And all i ask is a merry yarn

From a laughing fellow rover

And a sweet dream and deep sleep when the long trick’s over


Something like that anyway

It is a grey dawn that is breaking- am not sure when I last saw one at sea, maybe in 2011 as we set off south from Dartmouth for our Mediterranean and then Atlantic odyssey


The good news is that summer must be on its way to the northern hemisphere though as we had a tired swallow land on board yesterday evening. May be he knew what was in store. He flew off several times but each time returned and eventually tucked down for the night on deck. We tried feeding him but not sure that ginger biscuits are a part of his regular diet.

I know that one swallow doesn’t make a summer but it seemed a good sign nevertheless. And on the bird theme  we are now less than 3000 miles from Dartmouth, as the crow flies...not that a crow would or even could fly that far, he’s more of a 5K flyer, round the fields, through the woods and back sort of fellow, whereas your swallow , now there is a long distance bird, a real multi marathon flyer. Wonder if he has pasta before he sets off North and I also wonder where they spend their winter if they are heading for Bermuda or beyond- South America do you think. All answers as ever on a postcard. Closing date is 20 May. Do not reply after this date as your answer will not be entered into teh competition but you will still be charged for the postage


157M to Bermuda. Looking forward to a day or two of exploration, provisioning and relaxation before heading more east towards the Azores

Ciao for now or as my swallow friend said ‘cheap’- Reminds me of Harry Enfield in a sketch of the 90’s?