26:59.63N 017:39.22W

Excellence of Dart
Peter Coxon
Sun 30 Nov 2014 20:16

Cast off at 0735 soon after first light. Motored out to the rising sun in the lee of the island and saw an early dolphin attack on a shoal of fish. The wind kicked in around 9.30 so engine off and a great downwind sail all day. Looking back we could see snow on the mountain top at 3000 metres whilst we enjoyed bright sun and a fresh, slightly cooling NW breeze which has kept us in shirts and shorts with the odd jumper all day. Crew has been settling into life aboard and catching up on sleep. I have started reading ‘The complete Peter Cook – Tragically I was an only twin’ which is shaping up well- extracts also to follow.

81 M in the first 12 hrs is an average of 6.75K which we are happy with. Jane brought a delicious lemon soaked fruit cake from her mate, half of which was devoured at first sight-the recipe will be available later.

Dark around 1845 so we are looking forward to supper c/o our resident chef Stevie as we slip into the official watch keeping rota.

All well, Skip