Monday 15th Dec 14:56.28N 044:46.96W

Excellence of Dart
Peter Coxon
Mon 15 Dec 2014 20:33

Breaking News:

All is well! Still!!

The wind has piped up and stayed mostly around 16-20K from the ESE

A warm wind, steady seas and full genoa and main and the mini spinnaker giving us 6-7K almost on course so teh vmg ( velocity made good ) is 6.5K

It is to rough to go up the mast but the good news is that I don’t need to at present as we have enough wind to not need the huge gennaker.

Too fast to fish and we are down to sausages and bacon, spuds and beans plus two ‘specials’ which are being kept secret.

I did read about the Newfoundland whalers who were sunk by an angry injured male whale and they had to take to their small boat and sail for months until they drew straws to see who would be eaten. I believe the captain’s young nephew got the short straw. I think Steve and I are certainly too old and tough to be eaten so I am feeling quite safe at present...

862 miles. We’re going  to Barbados

Who sang that?

My dearest mum is, as of yesterday, watching over us

She chose a time when we were the furthest point from land, at the midpoint of this great ocean, as if to say it’s ok, don’t worry, I am at peace now, just keep going, make it safely across.

I sat on the aft deck alone and looked up at the stars when I heard and said a non religious prayer for you mum. I love you. Rest in Peace. X xxxx xxx