Wednesday 17th Dec 14:37.45N 048:28.45W

Excellence of Dart
Peter Coxon
Wed 17 Dec 2014 11:13

OK folks, an early blog today as we are sending/receiving early to pick up the latest weather forecast

A peaceful night and another sunny and warm breezy day. Goosewinging along in gentle seas. Another stunning tropic bird came over to investigate us. We have kept a flying fish to feed it if it comes back.

Tea and scones yesterday afternoon was another treat so we are already wondering what further treats might be rustled up or bought from the next mid ocean service station.

No macdonald signs out here though ( yet)

657 miles to go- eta of Monday in time for some of the crew to take a swim, shower and a noggin of rum before heading home.

The xmas tree has been decorated and ready to hang up- don’t hold your breath, it is made from a cornflakes box.

Talking of which it is breakfast time and we are onto our last box of muesli. Rationing required J


All well

Janet has promised to think about writing the next blog- that’s what i call commitment...

Peter the navigator