Thursday 4th December 18:32.47N 023:22.50W

Excellence of Dart
Peter Coxon
Thu 4 Dec 2014 17:52

Calm seas and fresh enough trade winds bowling is along towards our next Atlantic island


A fabulous acrobatic display by 20-30 dolphin for half an hour had us up on deck cheering them

Professor Neil Harper, world expert on dolphin said that there were three main types of dolphin- the big dolphin, the small dolphin and most amazing of all the medium sized dolphin. Pictures from his collection to follow shortly. These were mostly small ones, but they didn’t behave as if they had an inferiority complex, although there were a few show offs who did have ‘small dolphin’ complex.


Racing and scudding across the waves before them were scores of flying fish. We currently do not have an expert on these fish on board so if you know anything about them and would like to join the crew there is  vacancy.


A day of sunshine and swimming costumes. Of pomp and circumstance ( c/o Janet) and now Rule Britannia  but we decided not to play such wonderful if somewhat jingoistic music too loud once we enter ex colonial waters of the Caribbean.


3 more meals till we arrive at CV

We are looking forward to our brief exploration of the culture, history, beaches, and music of the islands

Every hour we check our speed and course and adjust as required

Each one of us has a book on the go in the intervals, but I was banned from reading a Derek and Clive sketch out loud!

Keeping a watch is not too onerous as we have seen only one ship and one yacht in  5 days

Supper is on the hob, showers are being taken- clean living this is, and only 3 units of alcohol each in that time as well


Pete the skip

Xmas day 3 weeks away