Safe Arrival

Greg Gregory
Mon 8 Dec 2014 18:00
Mon 8th December 2014
Local Time1555hrs (GMT-4)
Position 17:00.51 61:45.90W
Nautical Miles covered:- 2500 at journey’s end.

We can report safe arrival and docking in Nelson's Dockyard, Antigua at 1554hrs GMT 1154 Local time.

After 17 days out of sight of land, we have made it.
I am filled with a sense of relief to have brought Dolce Vita and her crew, safely across this vast Ocean.
The pressure of preparing our yacht to a standard, to carry us across 2,700 miles without access to emergency services was greater than I expected.
The pressure of making absolutely sure the crew did not suffer any injury or worse, was greater than I expected.
So I am ECSTATIC to be safely moored, at journey’s end!

Our sincere thanks to all who have sponsored us through @EACH.
EACH is a wonderful charity helping youngsters and their families at their journey’s end, if you haven’t donated yet, please do. Please dig deep NOW.

Cap’n Greg
And The Crew of Dolce Vita:- Pete, TJ, TC.

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