Greg Gregory
Sun 5 Oct 2014 13:56

Date 4th October 2014

Local Time 1400 (GMT +2)

Position 37:58.41N   0:41.15W

Temperature 28 C

Barometer 1014



Dolce Vita received the final touches, before being launched on Friday.

The engine started first time and we moved her round to a pontoon in the adjacent harbour, where she will stay until the new crew arrive and we set sail for Gibraltar on Wednesday 8th October.


Being as it was a Friday and The Ship was doing Chillioke, yes it was as bad as it sounds.

Eat as much Chilli as you like…. all for 5 Euros, the landlord realising he had bitten off more than he could chew with me, brought me a sweet, “on the house”, after only 3 servings.


The other part of the name was…. Yep, Karioke. I thought I had landed in The Queen Vic, Albert Square. Pete, who’s joining on Wednesday, would have been in his element, because he was born within spitting distance of the Bow Bells and he’s Praard Ov It.


Barclays put £115 in my account to compensate for the hassle caused by blocking my card, thanks Barclays!


On Saturday I went to a massive Carrefour supermarket, with an enormous car park, gathering supplies for the trip.

What should have been easy, turned into a nightmare when I forgot where I’d left the hire car, must be my age !


Cap’n Greg