Blog 16

Greg Gregory
Sat 8 Nov 2014 12:25


Saturday  8th November 2014

Local Time 1030 (GMT)

Position 28:28.06N   16:14.65W



We spent a pleasant 4 days in Las Palmas, only marred by failure of Satellite Antenna/Cable/Connectors. This equipment was supplied by Mailasail in April, and despite numerous phone calls, emails and a note left for their representative in Las Palmas, help was not forthcoming. I took the matter into my own hands and found a replacement cable, spent several hours rigging and testing it, a process of elimination proved that it was the Antenna. Several phone calls more, to no avail, their representative in Las Palmas, couldn’t be bothered to see the faulty equipment. Their UK office solution was to sell me replacements at a cost of £322. Pete is to bring it from UK in 10days. When I take faulty one back to UK, they will credit me. Thanks for nothing Mailasail.


My efforts with Mailasail delayed our departure from 0630 to 1130, so again arrived at dusk, in Santa Cruz, Tenerife.


Since leaving Athens in the Spring, we have called in to Italy, Sicily, Sardinia, Menorca, Majorca, Ibiza, Costa Blanca, Costa Del Sol, Gibraltar, Lanzarotre, La Graciosa, Gran Canaria and here, a total of 3,193 Nautical Miles (NM). I feel satisfied to have reached my destination. It suddenly dawns on me that this is only the beginning.  When my crew join in 10 days, The Atlantic Challenge awaits!


Everyone we have met here seems extremely friendly, and we are looking forward to exploring the Island.




Cap’n Greg & No 1, Jill