Greg Gregory
Sat 29 Nov 2014 13:13

Saturday 29th November 2014
Local Time 1040 (GMT-2)
Position 20:50.88N 39:35.41W
Nautical Miles covered 1381 at 0720 GMT

Good Day All, from TJ

Despite lighter winds progress is acceptable at 142 nm in 24 hours.

But what an eventful 24 hours.

As winds dropped it was decided to hoist the new cruising chute, all went well until a gust of wind caught it, Dolce Vita broached, and within seconds the chute ripped it’s full length, rendering it useless. Cap’n Greg was mortified!

Progress slowed for a few hours, and we motored ‘til dawn, however we passed the halfway point at 0305hrs. Only 1330nm to go! If Cap’n Greg has stopped crying by supper time we are celebrating with a glass of Champagne (Cava actually), with our supper, tonight!

With a steady 15 knots of wind, the second Cruising Chute has now been deployed, after a few teething problems, it is now well set and we are making a steady 7 knots through the water, plus a 1 knot current giving us Speed Over Ground of 8 knots. Long may it continue !

Pete started fishing at the start of his watch, 0700hrs, and within an hour caught a 2 kilo Sea Bass. Who says there are no fish mid Atlantic?

The fish, was humanely despatched, and is currently being prepared for fish curry tonight. What Else ?


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