Blog No 13

Greg Gregory
Sat 1 Nov 2014 13:00

Date 31st  October 2014

Local Time 0800 (GMT)

Position 29:13.69N   13:30.17W


TC left me Monday and shall be sadly missed until his return for the Atlantic Crossing.


I was very excited to welcome my wife Jill aboard on Tuesday, we will be cruising the Canaries,  whilst moving Dolce Vita to Tenerife, her last port of call in “Europe”.


Yesterday we sailed to La Graciosa, a small Island North of Lanzarote, with only 500 inhabitants. We were welcomed by an angry “Security” person, toting gun, truncheon and handcuffs, telling us to go away, since we needed permission to moor there! After an incomprehensible discussion, we were grumpily led to the harbourmaster’s office, where we completed appropriate paperwork, paid our dues and were given a mooring!


We were placed next to a wooden 36ft sailing yacht with a Devon couple, Ben and Phil,  they had 2 daughters aboard with 2 daughters – one 3 years old, one 9 months old, they had sailed from England and are in transit to The Cape Verde Islands. Whilst crossing the Bay of Biscay, their self steering broke and Ben had to steer for 36 hours non stop, whilst Phil amused their daughters down below – what a family !


We were southbound again at 0740hrs.


Cap’n Greg