Blog 32

Greg Gregory
Wed 3 Dec 2014 13:09

Wed 3rd December 2014
Local Time 1140, (GMT-3).
Position 19:14.29N 49:24.77W
Nautical Miles covered 1810 at 0720 GMT

Actually there’s not a lot happening.
The wind has dropped, the sea is calm, and we are only making 5 knots, so there is not much to do. We played I Spy, but after a couple of games of “I Spy with my little eye, something beginning with S”, we ran out of subjects to choose !

We crossed the Tropic of Cancer 2 days ago, without noticing it, so, are now officially in “The Tropics”, and for those back in Blighty that means it’s 30C & sunny.

TJ cooked us Cauliflower Bhaji, and Blue Marlin curry last night, very good.

Now that our cauliflower is gone the only green vegetables we have left are cabbages and we have been cutting the rotten bits out of them.
We have no fresh fish, so I am fishing again for a bit of skate!



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