Blog 26

Greg Gregory
Fri 28 Nov 2014 07:29

Friday 28th November 2014
Local Time 0330 (GMT-2)
Position 21:09.91N 36:14.58W
Nautical Miles covered 798 at 0720 GMT

Having just relieved TJ from watch, I am alone in this vast, dark Atlantic Ocean.

The main purposes of being on watch are to maximise boat speed, whilst keeping the boat safely heading in the right direction, adjusting for wind shifts, and, dealing with any emergencies, of which we have had our share!
Oh, and of course, to watch out for land and other shipping. We are 1,000 miles from land and have only seen 2 boats since setting off a week ago !

It is very dark tonight, there is no moon, the fantastic night sky is obscured by cloud cover, and we have no lights on, to aid our “Night Vision”.
There is no sound apart from the whoosh of the sea, as Dolce Vita thrusts asunder 14 tons of sea, rushing to her destination at 7 knots.

Everything is working well, and my next duty is to log our position at 0520 (Mid Atlantic Time).

The enormity of this Atlantic Ocean is becoming more apparent to me with every day that passes, and this solitude gives me an opportunity to philophize ……

Cap’n Greg

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